Picacho Peak Brewery Beer List

  • Picacho Lite (American Lite Lager)  ABV 4.4% IBU 17– The perfect beer for a hot day.  Flaked corn makes this American lager ultra light in body, but tettnanger hops provide a solid full flavor.  What you would typically think of as classic “beer”.
  • Keller Hefeweizen (Crystalweizen) ABV 4.8% IBU 17– A traditional German wheat beer with dry citrus notes.  Clove is present in the nose and leaves the pallet with a subtle spice.  Medium body and very sessionable.
  • Summer Session (American Wheat) ABV 6% IBU 15 – Dark in color, but not in spirit.  Strong earthy notes with a light body make this a great beer for those looking for more flavor while feeling less full.  Wheat keeps this one on the sweeter side for a more quenching finish.
  • Mandarina Nugget (New England Style IPA) ABV 7.1% IBU 77 – Hop heads delight at this juicy hazy IPA packed with Mandarina Barvaria and Nugget hops.  Very strong citrus with moderate to high bitterness.
  • Duke’s Reserve (Dunkelweizen) ABV 4.4% IBU 27 – Similar to a hefeweizen this German wheat beer is brewed with darker malts.  Distinguished by sweet maltiness and chocolate-like character, this ale might be slightly cloudy due to hefeweizen yeast.  Complex banana, vanilla, and bubblegum esters compliment the spice of Hallertau Blanc hops. 
  • Smooth and Stout (American Stout) ABV 5.5% IBU 23– A fairly strong, highly roasted, mildly bitter, black stout. It has the body and dark flavors typical of American stouts with a less aggressive hop character and bitterness, but a bold coffee flavor.  This beer is only offered on a Nitrogen pour.
  • Dry Bones (Irish Xtra Stout) ABV 5.5% IBU 27 – Similar to Guinness in nature this beer boasts more body than its counterpart.  Coffee, chocolate, and meat flavors make this chewy full body stout a meal in itself.
  • Twisted Windmill Double IPA (American Double IPA) ABV 7.4% IBU 50– High Alcohol without being overly hopped and bitter.  Slightly dry with summit and cascade hops stealing the show over the pallet.  Healthy doses of dry hopping give this IPA a nose and a finish of citrus.
  • Old Crawley (Winter Warmer) ABV 6.3% IBU 24 – A full body English Brown Ale complimented with Sweet Orange Peel and freshly grated ginger making this smooth high AVB ale a holiday favorite.
  • I Heart Porter (American Chocolate Porter) ABV 6% IBU 40 – A robust American porter specially crafted for Valentine’s Day Holiday.  Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate malt make this a great dinner pairing beer.
  • 575 Scotsman (Scottish Export) ABV 6.5% IBU 20 – A malty, sweet, caramel-like ale with low hop presence.  Earthy and peaty in flavor with a light sessionable body.

    ABV = Alcohol by Volume                       IBU:  International Bitterness Units


   All Picacho Peak brews are hand-crafted and brewed here on site by our hard-working brewmaster and his staff.


 *Beer menu may change at the will of the establishment. 


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